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Hitting The Links: A Date With Shanahan Edition

So the Bruins get today off and Milan Lucic has a meeting with Brendan Shanahan at 1pm today, or noon if you're me. Interesting. Since the NHL rulebook clearly states that interfering with a goaltender when he's way outside his crease earns you a charging penalty, and that's exactly what Lucic did/received....I'm not entirely sure what warrants a suspension, here.

But whatever, we'll see.

After the jump, a bit of AHL nuttiness, the HHoF induction was yesterday, and Ryan Spooner's 5-point night...

Bruins News:

  • Brad Marchand's gotten his game back on track this month. Good timing. [Fox Sports]
  • Days of Y'Orr has started a Free Lucic campaign. Excellent. [Days of Y'Orr]
  • Today's a rest day for the Bruins; they're back at it tomorrow against the Devils. [Globe]
  • Seguin is leading the Bruins' resurgence this month. [Herald]
  • The Bruins alumni beat the P-Bruins alumni 6-4 at the Dunk on Sunday. [Projo]
  • Ryan Spooner tops the Sunday 3-Stars with his ridiculous points streak for Kingston. [Buzzing the Net]

NHL News:

  • The Sabres head to Montreal for a game tonight. Oh geez, this should be interesting. [Pro Hockey talk]
  • Ed Belfour was inducted into the Hall of Fame yesteday. [The Star]
  • Dane Byers, former NHL tough guy and current AHLer, goes nuts after a fight with Bridgeport's Micheal Haley. Yikes. [Puck Daddy]