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Hitting The Links: Straight-Up Trolling Edition

Apparently everyone has an opinion on the Lucic hit on Miller, from the Montreal Gazette's Dave Stubbs (might I add: the Canadiens have now run two goalies in the course of a week, with Brian Gionta breaking James Reimer last week and Erik Cole running Jhonas Enroth last night) to the Vancouver Canucks (yeah, okay, guys, you just TRY running Tim Thomas again, let's see if he can bruise Henrik Sedin's butt a little more). 

And apparently goalie hits are going to be brought up at the GM meetings now, too. WHATEVER.

After the jump, some links and nonsense. Have at thee.

Bruins News:

  • Here is a sweet title-defense montage, if you're into that sort of thing. [Youtube]
  • OH MAN, PAILLE, YOUR FACE. [The Nosebleeds]
  • Seguin is the NHL's first star of the week! [TSN]
  • Here is a preview of tonight's game against New Jersey, from the other side. [In Lou We Trust]
  • The Bruins are participating in Movember. [Herald]
  • Sayeth the Canucks: 'Lucic could have avoided that hit.' Actually their assistant coach has some interesting thoughts. [Sun]
  • DJ Bean wants to close the book on the hit and move on. Agreed. [WEEI]
  • Dave Stubbs whines about Lucic 'violating the NHL code'.....welp. [Gazette]

NHL News

  • So last night, Erik Cole ran Jhonas Enroth! again I say: WELP. [Puck Daddy]
  • Shanny spoke about his decision and called Buffalo 'irresponsible'. [Yahoo]
  • This is the greatest NHL infographic EVER. [Infojocks]
  • Have you heard of Project Mayhem? No? You should probably check this out if you like trolling Ottawa. Which you should. [PPP]
  • Ed Snider predicts 'total realignment' for the NHL. Hmm. [CSN Philly]
  • The 1-3-1 is going to be discussed at GM meetings, which is stupid. [NHL]
  • Here's coverage of the HHoF induction. [NHL]