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The Salutatory Public Skate: Happy Military Appreciation Night

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Sorry for the lack of preview today, guys. Don't take it personally or anything.

Anyway, looking ahead to tonight's game: the Devils aren't that good. They're starting Johan Hedberg, which may or may not be good news for the Bruins. They don't know what Ilya Kovalchuk is doing anymore.

The Bruins are scoring six goals a game over their last five. They've gotten over that inability to put their foot on their opponent's throats that plagued them early this season. Tyler Seguin, Milan Lucic, Brad Marchand, Patrice Bergeron, Zdeno Chara, Joe Corvo and even Johnny Boychuk have been hot. A win tonight and an Ottawa loss puts the Bruins into eighth in the Eastern Conference - although I'm really unsure why we're even talking about that at all right now.

So here's to waking up tomorrow morning and reading all those "if the season ended today, the Bruins would be playing the 2nd-place team in the East" pieces that people just love writing oh, so much.

You know, the 2nd-place team in the Conference, the one that plays in Buffalo?

(well, or Toronto. But I can't think of a single good storyline between the Leafs and the Bruins)

Let's do it. Go B's.