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Hitting The Links: Six In A Row Edition

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First off, sorry about the delay on this you guys, i got shanghaied at work earlier than usual and I'm an hour behind you, so.

Six in a row feels pretty good, huh? Last night seemed set up to be a typical Bruins-Devils low scoring game, but with goals from Brad Marchand, Chris Kelly, and unlikely heroes Shawn Thornton and Benoit Pouliot, it finally took on that recent life that we've seen out of this time. Granted, they didn't make their six-goal quota (very disappointing) but a good hard-fought 4-3 win always feels good.  

After the jump, a Blackhawks writer thinks that the Canucks-Blackhawks rivalry is the best in hockey (spoiler alert: he's WRONG), the Panthers are killing it, and Andrew Ference is on his way back...

Bruins news:

  • Taking a look at the factors in Tyler Seguin's early success. [ESPN]
  • Ference is likely to practice today. [ESPN]
  • The Bruins have historically been known for playing on the 'edge'. Here's a little look at the Lucic hit in the context of that history. [Huffington Post]
  • That said, their reputation miiiiight be causing a bit of an overreaction. Calm down, NHL. [NESN]
  • Daniel Paille wants to get back out on the ice. In other words, he's a hockey player. [Patriot Ledger]
  • Claude Julien talks about Military Appreciation night. [BostInno]
  • The Devils goalies had a bit of a different take on the Lucic hit. []

NHL news:

  • The Hawks head to Vancouver to take on the Canucks, and this writer clearly has this rivalries thing all wrong. [Sun Times]
  • Taylor Hall is sophomore slumping. [Journal]
  • Things overheard at the Hockey Hall of Fame, from our favorite Leafs fans. [Down Goes Brown]
  • Chris Stewart might get suspended. [STL Today]
  • Ovechkin is apparently slumping, too, and Bruce Boudreau is done trying to figure out his problems. [Post]
  • The Panthers steamrolled the Stars last night. [TSN]
  • Also killing it? The Rangers. That Brad Richards signing is looking like it was a pretty okay idea after all. [USA Today]

Non Hockey Link of the Day:

Extend New York City's grid system to the ENTIRE WORLD and find out what block you live on! I live on 4,752nd Ave at S 9,675th St. Awesome. [ExtendNY]