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Stat of the Week

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The Bruins have scored 34 times in their current 6 game winning streak. That is more goals than the New York Islanders have scored...all season (31). It's also only 1 goal less than the Anaheim Ducks have scored this season (35). The same Anaheim Ducks who feature the likes of Bobby Ryan and NHL Awards show sketch villains Corey Perry (last year's Hart trophy winner) and Ryan Getzlaf.

In the spirit of that, here are some other oddities:

Chris Kelly has more goals (5)  than Martin St. Louis (4) and Rick Nash (4) and more points (10) than Ryan (9),  Getzlaf (9), Jarome Iginla (9),  and Eric Staal (8).

Andrew Ference has more assists than Jack Johnson, Tyler Myers.......and Tomas Kaberle (all with 4). 

Johnny Boychuk has more goals (2) than Stat of the Week hero Phoenix Coyote Keith Yandle (1).

Tyler Seguin has more goals (11) than Taylor Hall (10) has points. This is also true of course of Pavel Datsyuk (10) and Zach Parise (10),