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Should the Bruins Trade Tuukka Rask?

The rumors are starting to flow and it is time to see how you all feel about this sore subject. Tuukka Rask is the future goaltender of the Bruins franchise. With Tim Thomas' age, his games per season will decrease more and more in the next few season. Rask is the back-up type goaltender that when it is time for Thomas to get a night or two off you know you are going to get all-star caliber goaltending. If the Bruins trade Rask and Thomas gets hurt, does the team have trust in a young goalie like Anton Khudobin to lead them into the playoffs? It may be a risk that isn't worth taking. One of the reason Thomas can play Vezina style goaltending is because of Rask's success and the Bruins trust to give Thomas the time he needs off to stay healthy. If indeed the Bruins decide to trade Rask, what asset or assets will the team receive in return for Rask's talent and value?

If the time comes and Rask is deal, the Bruins shouldn't take anything less than a top fifteen forward in exchange. They have the edge as in they have a Stanley Cup caliber team already and are not desperate to trade Rask. If teams aren't going to trade one of their top talents then in a Bruins perspective that is fine and they can go trade for less talanted backups like Jonas Gustavsson or Peter Budaj. Rask would be a number one keeper on numerous teams and could be the face of their franchise which comes with a hefty price. Peter Chiarelli has already shown that he is in no rush to trade Rask so teams are going to have to come to him with a player he can't say no to.

Columbus already showed interest in Rask which Peter Chiarelli already dined their offers. Unless Columbus is offering Rick Nash or even Jeff Carter then there is no reason to pull the trigger on a deal. It seems that Martin Brodeur's good days are behind him. Do the Devil trade a guy like Zach Parise for a proven goaltender or do they let it ride? Do the Islander trade a guy like two time thirty goal scorer Matt Moulson to possibly fix the goaltending nightmare on Long Island? Matt Moulson isn't a huge name, but he's young and has been producing on a terrible team for the last few years. If the Bruins are to bite, it appears they wont trade him for future draft picks, but for proven talent, Who in your opinion is worth trading Tuukka Rask for?