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Hitting The Links: A Win Is A Win Edition

So based ONLY on highlights and angry text messages, which is all I got of the game yesterday, that was a pretty ugly win. When you have to go all the way to the skills competition shootout against the worst team in the league, it seems like something is probably wrong. In last night's case, the Bruins apparently looked like they were skating in mud and I-havent-started-a-game-in-2-years Curtis Sanford played out of his mind.

I'm curious, though, and maybe discuss this in the comments -- how were the quality of shots the Bruins were putting on net? Did Sanford make spectacular saves or was it a case of "let's not lift our shots, and shoot the puck right into the goalie's leg pads, hurr durr!" that our team occasionally suffers from?

After the jump, Brad Marchand might throw down with Dustin Pedroia, hilarious things from the Preds/Leafs game, Winnipeg wins a weird one, and some other random stuff. Read on.

Bruins News:

  • Dustin Pedroia and Brad Marchand are planning a Call of Duty showdown. If it's not televised we should all protest, that has hilariously epic potential. [NESN]
  • The Bruins took it to the shootout last night, and luckily David Krejci was able to reach hero status. [Globe]
  • A recap from the Cannon (CBJ) of last night's game. Man, I really do feel bad for CBJ fans. [Jackets Cannon]
  • Apparently Tuukka Rask's stick incident the other day made news in Finland. [Globe]
  • Hey, Zdeno Chara's charges got dropped! Hilarious. [NYT]
  • The Stanley Cup was in Marlborough the other day. [Metro West News]
  • Jordan Caron is back on the shelf for now, with Daniel Paille back and Benoit Pouliot actually playing decently. [Patriot ledger]

NHL News:

  • From the Predators/Leafs game last night, Brian McGrattan (UGH) and Jay Rosehill have what will probably be the fight of the year. Amazing. [PHT]
  • And then Craig Smith whiffed on an empty net like no one has ever whiffed on an empty net before. [The Score]
  • Taking risks on Russian players: what's the payoff? (mentions KoKo!) [Faceoff]
  • For once, Rick Dipietro replaced an injured goalie instead of being replaced himself - and then the Isles beat the Canadiens. [Mercury News]
  • Wayne Gretzky was approached to maybe buy part of the Maple Leafs? [Sportsnet]
  • Evander Kane and the Jets actually won a game last night, beating the streaky Capitals 4-1. [Post]
  • Former Hab Stephane Quintal was hired to be part of the Department of Player Safety. [NHL]