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Hitting the Links: The Ocho/Weekend Edition

The Bruins won their eighth straight game last night, winning 6-0 over the New York Islanders in the crypt known as the Nassau Coliseum. Chris Kelly potted two goals and Zdeno Chara had a nice snipe for the last goal. Andrew Ference scored as well, as the Bs got some nice offensive contributions from the back end to keep their win streak alive.

Tyler Seguin was ridiculous as usual, making a beautiful backhand pass to Patrice Bergeron for the opening goal. Fifteen more years of that is right, Jack Edwards. Rick Dipietro managed to make it through a whole period without getting hurt, which was good, but got pulled after some shaky play in the first period. Funny isn't it that of the three goalies the Isles started with, two are hurt, and Dipietro isn't one of them.

After the jump, the Bruins are villains, Ilya Bryzgalov does his best to make the people of Winnipeg love him, and the Nuge. 

Bruins News


  • The Bruins have been working harder on the forecheck and it's paid off recently. [Globe]
  • Interesting take from Ference here. He says that the Bruins have an advantage in tough games like against Columbus because the team always knows what they need to do better. [Globe]
  • After eight straight wins, the Bruins are back in the top eight in the East. [WEEI]
  • The Bruins can't overlook anyone, and they certainly didn't overlook the Isles last night. [ESPN]
  • Buffalo and Toronto are still in front of the Bs, so there's really no time to celebrate winning eight straight. That's what happens when you start off as bad as the Bruins did. [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • Puck Daddy's resident heel Ryan Lambert comparing the Bruins to the bad guys of pro wrestling. [Puck Daddy]


NHL News


  • Twitter legend Paul Bissonette scored his first goal of the year to beat Buffalo, with his Mom in the stands watching him for the first time in an NHL uniform. [Puck Daddy]
  • The Nuge puts up five assists in a blowout of the Hawks. Rock on, Nuge. [TSN]
  • Toronto got back on track with a drubbing of the slumping Caps. [TSN]
  • Ilya Bryzgalov said some mean things about Winnipeg last year, and gave a kid his stick yesterday to make amends. [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • Sweet lacrosse-style goal here from Flames prospect Markus Granlund. [NHL]

The Bruins get back in action Monday night in Montreal, then face Buffalo. So two huge road division games stand in the way of double digits.