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Shutout Streaks on the Line as Bruins Return to Montreal

For the first time since early March, Zdeno Chara returns to Montreal not a fugitiive. Meanwhile, Tim Thomas returns on an absolute roll, having won his last five games with a goals against average of 1.60 in that span and on a 73:04 shutout streak. 

But that's nothing compared to what the Montreal CanadiensCarey Price has been doing. 

Price, who was named the NHL's first star last week, earned the honor after recording a 0.67 goals against and a 0.972 save percentage in a 2-0-1 effort that featured two shutouts in identical 4-0 wins over the New York Rangers and Carolina Hurricanes.

The Habs are 4-1-1 in their last six, but that's nothing compared to their archrivals, who haven't lost since the last time they played Montreal on October 29th. During the Bruins eight-game win streak they've outscored their opposition 42-14, including two shutouts and five games in which they've scored six or more goals. 

Thomas and Price will mind their teams' nets tonight, and while another NHL star is making news some 600 miles away, this is still the marquee matchup of two teams that have been playing great hockey. 

The Bruins lines project the same as they've been as long as the team's been healthy, and defensive pairs should be the same as they've been. 

Public Skate will be up at 6:30. Get your beers ready and let's have some fun.