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Hitting The Links: Niiiiiiiiiiiine! Edition

Remember that time two years ago when the Bruins lost like eleventy billion games in a row? Well we're starting to realize how the Capitals felt during that time. The Caps went on something like a 15-game win streak while the Bruins were floundering. Gotta say, this feels way more awesome.

Although they didn't reach the 6-goal quota, they did break Carey Price's shutout streak, which is almost as good. The fact that the lone goal came from Andrew Ference made it even better. I hope he gave someone the finger off-camera.

After the jump, lots of happy Bruins news, Pierre McGuire is creepy, and looking ahead to who won't be playing in Buffalo...

Bruins News

  • Nine in a row! Nine in a row! [Globe]
  • Claude Julien has earned a little job security, and this Montreal writer is grudgingly happy for him. [Gazette]
  • Patrice Bergeron is a good post-concussion role model for Sidney Crosby. ALSO POULIOT TOOK A LOT OF PENALTIES LAST NIGHT. Keep your cool against your old team, bud. [Globe]
  • The P-Bruins released Chris Clark yesterday. Aw. [SBN Boston]
  • The Sabres are being all polite and whatnot talking about the need to "just win" but...Wednesday's game could get ugly. [Buffalo News]
  • Geez, and Habs fans call BRUINS fans awful and fighty. Check out this brawl at the game last night. [Puck Daddy]

NHL News

  • The only Sidney Crosby news I am going to post is this: the 11 ickiest Pierre McGuire lines about Sid's return. [Puck Daddy]
  • Tyler Myers is out 4-6 weeks with a broken wrist. Welp. [Tonawanda News]
  • The New Jersey Devils might have a new owner? [NY Post]
  • Sheldon Souray is doing shockingly well in Dallas. [Edmonton Journal]
  • A balloon made its way onto the ice during the Coyotes-Capitals game last night. [THN]
  • Another concussion victim, David Perron, is taking contact again! [STL Today]