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Hitting The Links: Ten Please Edition

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Tonight, they go for it. Tonight, they go for ten in a row. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! But tonight....the Bruins go for ten in a row.

Against the Sabres. How fitting. Ryan Miller is still out with a concussion, so it'll probably be Jhonas Enroth in goal. I for one will not accept anything less than 6 goals, as per usual. They've been slacking. Only one goal against Montreal? WE CAN DO BETTER, TEAM. Quota must be met.

After the jump, former Bruins scoring, the Sabres are debuting a new bb and apparently are not looking for revenge, the Oilers are still winning games, and some other nonsense. Read on.

Bruins News:

  • Not sure if Benoit Pouliot will play tonight or not, yet. In my opinion, he's been playing well, and the game against the Habs was a fluke/case of nerves. [Globe]
  • WE'RE GOING FOR TEN!!!1 []
  • The Sabres are definitely NOT looking for revenge. Nope. [CBC]
  • TJ Brennan will make his NHL debut tonight for the Sabres. [Courier Post]
  • Here are the top 10 Bruins Christmas gift ideas! ....which are sort of lame. [Yahoo]
  • Jochen Hecht is ready to play again. Gotta love those Germans. [Buffalo News]

NHL News:

  • Hey guess who scored last night - Vladimir Sobotka! He's actually been playing really well for the Blues. [KMOV]
  • NBC and Versus are not afraid to be flexible in their scheduling. Also, they're going to mic up a ref on Friday. Ooooh. [USA Today]
  • This video is hilarious -- asking farmers who is going to win the Stanley Cup! [Youtube]
  • The Oilers rolled the Predators last night, 6-2. [Post]
  • Here's a grab bag of NHL news. Go nuts, I'm too lazy to sum up. [CBC]