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Lucic Faces the Buffalo Sabres

Don't even think about running our goalie.
Don't even think about running our goalie.


So I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but the Bruins and thug punk power forward Milan Lucic will be facing off against the Buffalo Sabres tonight. We won’t even try to deny what the buzz surrounding the game – what does Buffalo have planned for Lucic and the rest of the Bruins tonight? Will they stand up for their franchise goalie, albeit 11 days to late?

As one a Buffalo fan noted in our Noon Number today, there really isn’t anyone on the Buffalo roster that can matches up well with Lucic, at least to the degree that Sabre fans want, so if not Looch, might there be another Bruin on the receiving end of the retribution? Based on the overall body of work from Tim Thomas, it’s pretty safe to say that no one will be taking a run at him during the game. Aside from Lucic and Thomas, Boston has a deep bench of tough guys ready to drop the gloves for their teammates with Thornton and Lucic’s bestie Horton quickly coming to mind.

Despite all the talk being centered on Lucic facing the Buffalo Sabres for the first time since concussing Ryan Miller two weeks ago, the rest of the Bruins have reportedly made the trip as well meaning the will actually be a hockey game played tonight instead of a just a street fight. After taking down their bitter rivals earlier in the week, Boston is looking to push the season-long winning streak into double digits (10) against the Miller-less Sabres. 

In an effort to prep our devoted readers for the actual game taking place tonight, we’ve compiled a list of things to watch for in between fights and facewashes:


  • Who is going to score – the Bruins are looking to bounce back offensively and, as much as we love Andrew Ference, someone else needs to pick up the scoring load.
  • Nine down, four to go – Boston is on a nine game win streak and needs only four more to sweep the month of November.
  • Tyler who? – Despite being a +3 over the last four games, Tyler Seguin has only recorded one point. Is tonight the game Seguin gets back on track?