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Public Skate: Mark Stuart is Only One Man (And Even He Can't Keep Blake Wheeler Onsides)

Winnipeg enters tonight on a five-game point streak, having taken four of their last five games. They're also playing their third game in four nights after defeating Carolina 3-1 yesterday evening.

Will they be too worn out to stay in the game or will Mark Stuart and Blake Wheeler carry the Jets to another two points?

(insert laughter)

Thomas and his 1.55 GAA this month are back in net. Pavelec and his four-game point streak (which ended a five-game loss streak) are in net for Winnipeg.

And there are two guys near the opposing bench in Thrashers sweaters. Good for them.

Oh, and just for funsies, feel free to fill up the thread with things that are #BlakeWheelersFault. Or shoot them over to Twitter. Best ones get a RT.

Let's do this.