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Hitting The Links: Talkin' Bout Practice Edition

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Another day without a hockey game. Mahoney was right -- this scheduling is lame. When the Bruins lose, we want them to play again immediately so they can fix things; when they win, we want them to play again immediately so we can see them do it again. Waiting is awful. But we've got another two days to get through, so let's go.

After the jump, two articles on Bruins players who are really struggling to start the season, plus stuff on Sidney Crosby's imminent return, Michael Ryder's consistent inconsistency, and a goalie ghost of Bruins past...

Bruins News:

  • Nathan Horton isn't feeling concussion symptoms, but he's also not 100%. Interesting look at why he might not be playing up to par right now. [WEEI]
  • Benoit Pouliot has been sick lately, and is still adjusting to the Bruins' system. He is the only Bruins skater currently without a point. [WEEI]
  • The Bruins/Red Wings game on Black Friday has been elevated to 'classic status'. Which begs the question - it's an original six matchup. There are days where all six Canadian teams play each other. Why not a day that just features original six matchups? [Gazette]
  • Youth hockey in Boston is thriving post-Cup win, and that's pretty cool. [Globe]
  • Listen to Brad Marchand talk about the win over the Senators and his fight against PK Subban. [WEEI]

NHL News:

  • Martin Brodeur had a reeeeally bad game last night. Could this maybe be it for the legendary goaltender? [PHT]
  • This blog post is titled "The Michael Ryder Problem." Presented without comment. Hahaha. [Blackout Dallas]
  • Patrik Elias set a franchise record for power play goals scored. Unfortunately that was overshadowed by a loss and a Joffrey Lupul hat trick. []
  • Bad night for goaltenders - Ryan Miller was chased by the Flyers in a 3-2 loss. [USA Today]
  • Dan Carcillo used to be an altar boy. I don't really know what to do with this information, but there you go. [CSN Chicago]
  • Former Bruins tryout goaltender Jared DeMichiel has gone back to his roots, working at his alma mater RIT as a volunteer assistant coach for their womens' team. [USCHO]
  • The University of Alabama-Huntsville hockey program might not be dead yet -- anonymous donors have offered to fund the $1.5 milion/ year program. []
  • And last but not least, watch a goaltender let in a goal from the opposing blue line! Hahaha, can you believe that guy used to be an NHL starter? Oh yeah....that's Hannu Toivonen. [Svtplay]