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Hitting The Links: Not 29th Place Edition

The Bruins are officially out of last place in the East! Woo! As a matter of fact, they're tied with Montreal -- Montreal technically is ahead based on head-to-head wins, but whatever, that's nonsense. 27th place never felt so good! Bruins fans don't have to wait long for the next one, either, thank goodness.

After the jump, how people are feeling in St. Louis about this new coach situation, Nathan Horton is hard to read because he's happy all the time, and could Sidney Crosby could be back Friday?

Bruins News:

  • YES, A WIN IN FRONT OF TUUKKA! Poor Tuukka Rask finally got his first win of the season, and in fine form. [Globe]
  • The Bruins are finally starting to shake out the cobwebs.....obviously. 18 goals in three games? Yeah, i think so. [Herald]
  • Tyler Seguin is developing into an (awesome) complete player. []
  • Also, he wanted another hat trick last night. Some of those chances he missed out on, hoo. He could easily have had four goals if he'd buried those THREE OPEN NET CHANCES. [WEEI]
  • Benoit Pouliot is feeling good about breaking his scoring drought. [NESN]
  • Nathan Horton had a slow start, and it might still be because of that Aaron Rome hit. [Herald]
  • Adam McQuaid is finding his game again, too! He had a good bout with Paul Martin last night. [Herald]

NHL News

  • So the Blues fired their head coach, hired Ken Hitchcock and.....kept all their assistant coaches. Um... [SLGT]
  • The Capitals sent their heavyweight enforcer type, DJ King, to the AHL. [CSN Washington]
  • Are the Blue Jackets beyond fixing? [PHT]
  • Sidney Crosby isn't ruling out a return on Friday. []
  • Marc Staal is still concussed, and his brother, who hit him, feels sort of bad about it I guess. [NY Post]

Non Hockey Link of the day:

  • Kathryn sent me this link but honestly I LOVE this website, it's a big graphical study of maps/cartography based in/around boston. Today, here is a colorful picture of all of Boston's bus lines mapped out based on a typical business day of travel. [Bostonography]