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Stat of the Week

Remember when the Bruins offense couldn't score. . .

As of today the Bruins are tied for 5th in Goals per Game (3.00) and are 4th overall in shots per game (33.2) (1st amongst Eastern Conference teams). Also, while it might not be something for most teams to get excited about, the Bruins have climbed into the middle 10 (18th) in PP%. 

The Bruins are also tied for 5th in goal differential (+10), only 2 behind Dallas, Washington, and Philly for the league lead. Every other team in the top 5 is in the top 8 in points. In fact the teams that surround the Bruins at the bottom of the points standings with the exception of Montreal (-4) are all at least -10.

Individually, the Bruins now have two players Tyler Seguin (13 games, 15 pts) and Milan Lucic (13 games, 13 pts) who are both on a point per game pace. Of course, it's still pretty early to make that sort of projection, as Seguin is currently on pace for a 50 goal season (and Lucic just a shade under 45).

Have I mentioned that Tyler Seguin is tied for the league lead in plus/minus at (+11)?

This week's games also did wonders for the +/- of Joe Corvo (0) and Dennis Seidenberg (-1), both started the week at -6.

The hot start of Seguin and Lucic points wise has done the unthinkable, which is overshadow a 6 foot 9 Slovakian. Through 13 games, Captain Zdeno Chara has 10 points.