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Hitting The Links: Regicide Is Fun Edition

What a great game last night, oh man. The Bruins have really struggled against the Kings in recent years, it was excellent to see them pull out not only a win by a three-goal margin, but a shutout. Disregard the fact that the Kings are terrible right now, this is still great.

And tonight they storm Ottawa! Tim Thomas has pretty good numbers against Ottawa, I'd say. He's 20-8-2 all time against Ottawa with 6 shutouts -- more wins and shutouts than he has against any team. Clearly Claude made the right goaltending decision in this back-to-back set of games.

After the jump, a cool story (really) about Johnny Bower, the can't-miss Sharks holiday video, and the unofficial 24/7 drinking game is heeere...

Bruins News

  • Tuukka Rask was really good last night. [Telegram]
  • Zach Hamill is finally starting to look like an NHL player! FINALLY. [Herald]
  • Mark Recchi shared some Stanley Cup stories while promoting the Bruins' new book, Full 60 to History. [NESN]
  • Claude Julien thought Brad Marchand deserved his fine. Which is ok. He toed the line then bounced back to the right side and scored two goals. Acceptable. [Globe]
  • Another piece about Marchand skating the fine line. [Herald]
  • The Bruins are really good against the Senators. [CBC]
  • Here's a nicely-done fan blogpost about the Bruins as the ultimate team. [Jurassic Wars]

NHL news:

  • 24/7 starts tonight. Here is your obligatory drinking game. [Puck Daddy]
  • Watch this video NOW. San Jose Sharks players present: holiday gift ideas! [Puck Daddy]
  • Dave Bolland called the Sedin twins 'sisters'. Hoo boy. [PHT]
  • The Flyers beat the Capitals 5-1, and have won 6 straight. Some struggly goaltending you have there, Caps. [NBC Sports]
  • Milan Michalek took the goal-scoring title from Phil Kessel last night! ...and promptly got injured by running into his own teammate. What. [Sens Extra]
  • The Blue Jackets took the Canucks to a shootout last night....and WON. So good. [Sun]
  • A fan returned Johnny Bower's pads to him recently. Awesome story. [Sun]