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Friday Night Fights: Jay Miller vs. Chris Nilan

Jay Miller vs. Chris Nilan.  Picture courtesy of
Jay Miller vs. Chris Nilan. Picture courtesy of

Tale of the Tape:

Jay Miller: 6'2" 210 lbs 217 career fighting majors

Chris Nilan: 6'0" 205 lbs 321 career fighting majors

Two of the biggest tough guys that the game has ever seen. Jay Miller and Chris Nilan amassed over 500 fights together in their careers and 5 of those 500 were against each other. When Montreal and Boston squared off there was a pretty good chance that Miller and Nilan would drop the gloves. They certainly didn't like each other, but Canadian and Bruins fans loved it every time they locked up.

On January 8, 1986 there is no real reason on why Miller and Nilan square off besides that's just plain what they do. When Miller and Nilan are on the ice together they know why they are out there and in a matter of seconds they go at it. If the two were talented enough to make it to an all-star game back in their day odds are they still probably have fought. There aren't many big shots landed during the fight but both connect with a good amount of punches. The pair go toe to toe in a classic bout. Nilan has the edge earlier in the fight, but Miller landed a few good shots in until the refs break it up prematurely. Miller and Nilan fight to a draw during this fight and add another to their archive.

Jay Miller vs Chris Nilan Round 3 (via igotregistered)