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Hitting The Links: Fine, No Suspension Edition

sights you won't see on Saturday. Get well soon, Prongs.
sights you won't see on Saturday. Get well soon, Prongs.

We discovered yesterday that Adam McQuaid did not get suspended for his knee-on-knee with Nick Foligno, instead being fined $2,500 for his actions. If that doesn't fuel some sort of Bruins comspiracy rumors, I'll be incredibly disappointed.

Moving right along.

The Bruins have their 24/7 cameo on Saturday when they play against the Pronger-less Philadelphia Flyers. Chris Pronger has been benched for the season with post-concussion issues. All feelings aside, it really sucks to see a player of his caliber sidelined with issues like these -- just like it sucked to see Marc Savard and David Perron and even Sidney Crosby go through it. Here's hoping it's not career ending.

After the jump, the Canucks keep losing to crappy teams, Louis Leblanc got benched in Montreal for hilarious reasons, and the Bruins had a day off yesterday...

Bruins News

  • Day off for the Bruins yesterday after back-to-back wins without Zdeno Chara. Well-deserved. [Globe]
  • Adam McQuaid gets off without a suspension. Muahaha. [Globe]
  • The Bruins are teaming up with United Way this holiday season. Neat! [Globe]
  • The Bruins used the Sens' miscues against them on Wednesday. Can they do it again against the Flyers Saturday?[FF Times]

NHL News

  • Are hockey fights overrated as "game changers?" [Gazette]
  • Chris Pronger's diagnosis is a sad one. [Philly Burbs]
  • Is the Winter Classic getting boring? []
  • The BCHL is focused more on getting their players to college, not the NHL. [Sun]
  • The Canucks lost to the Hurricanes. LOL. [Nucks Misconduct]
  • Louis Leblanc scored his first NHL goal last night and promptly got benched. Jacques Martin is trolling everyone. [PHT]