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Friday Night Fights: Lyndon Byers vs. Jacques Mailhot

Lyndon Byers
Lyndon Byers

Tale of the Tape:

Lyndon Byers: 6'1" 205 lbs 185 career fighting majors

Jacques Mailhot: 6'3" 220 lbs 103 career fighting majors

Lyndon Byers has always been a fan favorite here in Boston. He was an enforcer at its finest and backed down to no opponent. Byers even had a 10 goal 14 assist season during the 1987-88 season while logging 236 penalty minutes, but he wasn't there to score goals. On January 8, 1989, Lyndon Byers wasn't looking to find the back of the net he was looking to plow his fist into the back of Lacques Mailhot's head.

The fight begins with both played tied up trying to throw the first shot. Byers breaks loose and connects with a left into Mailhot's face. After they break from each other's hold they throw a fury of punches at each other. It seems that Mailhot is getting the best of Byers, but the amount of punches he is throwing are deceiving while he is missing with most. Mailhot continues to manage the fight while pulling off Byers' helmet and pinning him into the boards. Once the two lean against the boards, Byers' decides enough is enough and takes control. He connects with two uppercuts, Mailhot whiffs with a hard left and Byers' connects with a devastating right which drops Mailhot to the ice. What was a close fight throughout the bout, ended in a clear win by Byers.

Byers vs Mailhot 88-89 (via vindiggs)

There weren't many nights where Lyndon Byers came out the loser, and when he did he didn't make it easy for the other guy. He still to this day is a part of the Boston community with his work on the radio as well as the many appearances he makes with that ridiculous yet awesome yellow and black plaid suit he wears with pride. Lyndon Byers will always be known as one of the toughest guys to have ever flashed the six spoked B.