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Hitting The Links: 5.25 Million Dollar Man Edition

True story, I typed "November" into the permanent link box on this post, stared at it for a second, then looked at my calendar. HEY GUESS WHAT IT'S DECEMBER

Tomorrow the Bruins take on the Maple Leafs again. This has been sort of a weird week with a lot of days off for the Bruins, they get to wallow in their November domination a little before taking it to the Garden for a little more Leaf killing tomorrow. Good times. Also....Krejci. YAY.

After the jump, the Caps are struggling, the Bruins are not, Ryan Kesler has moved from photobombing to planking, and Jets fans, in any sport, are wicked lame...

Bruins News:

  • Here's another perspective on the David Krejci deal. [Taunton Gazette]
  • Tim Thomas was named the NHL's #1 star of the month! [Fox News]
  • Timmy's hometown paper wrote about his perspective on the month, and how it's time to move on to the next one. [MLive]
  • The Bruins are also road warriors, apparently. [Sentinel Source]

NHL News

  • Ryan Kesler, master of the photobomb, planks during a game. On the net. Um, yeah. [NHL]
  • Patrick Kane is moving back where he belongs. No, not the backseat of a cab.....the wing. [CSN Chicago]
  • This is cool - Erik Cole, despite only knowing Louis Leblanc for a few days, paid for Leblanc's parents to fly out and attend the Habs rookie's first NHL game. You go, Cole Coco. [Puck Daddy]
  • Dear Jets fans: stop hating on the Coyotes. The franchise situation is weird but you got a team back, quit being tacky. [National Post]
  • Player agent Allan Walsh is at it again, this time slamming the Blue Jackets' coach. [Sportsnet]
  • Jared Knight, Bruins prospect, offers some perspective from London on new Caps coach Dale Hunter. [LFPress]
  • The Caps are struggling. How can they use the coaching change to their advantage? [CSN Washington]
  • I gratuitously stole this from Cornelius' gchat status. THE UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA DESTRUCTO SPACE HOCKEY BEAR IS BACK WOO [Youtube]