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Hitting The Links: Holiday Travel Edition

Oh the marvels of modern technology. I am currently somewhere in rural Illinois on a Greyhound bus writing this post. The wifi sucks and the view is crappy, but still, how cool is that? Wifi on a bus. Unreal.

This lengthy week (it seems) without Bruins games will come to an end tomorrow as the Bruins play their final game before Christmas at home against the Panthers. The Flyers took back over the #1 spot in the East yesterday with a win; meanwhile, the second episode of 24/7 debuted featuring more crazy Bryz, the Rangers being awesome and our boys from Boston laying a really great drubbing on the Flyers for all the world to see. Go watch it if you haven't yet.

After the jump, a few feel-good Bruins stories, Peter Laviolette gets testy with Steve Ott, and a really great Habs parody...

Bruins News:

  • Tim Thomas has been named WEEI's Sportsman of the Year. Did you know that originally he planned to retire once this contract was up? Remember when everyone blasted Chiarelli for giving him that contract in the first place? [WEEI]
  • All the Bruins can really do right now is nitpick and tweak their own near-flawless game, and it's what's keeping them successful. [ESPN]
  • Adam McQuaid loves 24/7, but he still hasn't seen himself on it from last year. [NESN]
  • Brad Marchand and Adam McQuaid used to cross paths in youth holiday tournaments up in Maritime Canada. [NESN]

NHL News:

  • The return of Zach Parise to the Devils lineup this year has really boosted their team. [Sporting News]
  • After suffering facial fractures, Martin St. Louis scored in his return to action. [PHT]
  • Here is a video of Peter Laviolette shoving Steve Ott in the Flyers/Stars game. Lavvy is officially awesome. [The 700 Level]
  • A review of last night's 24/7! [Puck Daddy]
  • And now the bus wifi is being dumb so feel free to post more links in the comments today. See ypu in 12 hours, Boston!