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Hitting The Links: Ranger-Chasin' Edition

Well, the New York Rangers have come seemingly out of nowhere to leapfrog the Bruins, Flyers, and Panthers right into first place in the East. They were even in first place in the entire league for a few minutes last night until Chicago finished walloping the Blue Jackets. Gone is that sweet first-place spot for the Bruins -- but whatever.

The B's take on the Phoenix Coyotes tomorrow. Last time they were in Phoenix they lost 4-1. It was October 2009. I was there. It was a pretty cool place, although the crowd is reminiscent of an AHL crowd. That said...the Coyotes are not that great. Barring some ridiculousness, the Bruins should be able to take two points out of the desert.

After the jump, hey, World Juniors started yesterday, Don Cherry is ridiculous, and PK Subban doesn't want to be a healthy scratch anymore (boo hoo)...

Bruins News:

  • Brad Marchand was named the NHL's first star of the week! [Mass Live]
  • There is literally no stopping the Boston juggernaut, according to Canada. Are they trying to jinx us? [Winnipeg Free Press]
  • 2011 was far and away the Year of the Bruin in Boston Sports. [Kennebec Journal]
  • Zach Hamill is the all-purpose fill-in. [Fall River Herald-News]

NHL News:

  • USA USA USA! America beat Denmark 11-3 in last night's WJC action. Dougie Hamilton and Alexander Khokhlachev scored for Canada and Russia, respectively, but. AMERICA! [World of junior hockey]
  • Ron Wilson's contract extension is getting abused by Toronto media. It's comical. [Sun]
  • Did you ever wonder who created the wonderful website known as HockeyDB? Wonder no longer. [Mass Live]
  • Guess who else has more goals than Scott Gomez this year? Cam Ward. Yeah, THAT Cam Ward. [Puck Daddy]
  • Don Cherry. Piano Desk. Don't ask questions. Just click. [Youtube]
  • The Rangers are large and in charge. [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • Ilya Bryzgalov is a 'universal' sensation, and a pretty good goalie, too. []
  • PK Subban has been a healthy scratch for five games now, and he hates it. Aw. [TSN]