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Hitting the Links: Late Night Hockey Edition

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The Bruins are playing the Winnipeg Jets Phoenix Coyotes tomorrow for the first time since Prague! It's a 9 P.M. game which is lame but keep an eye on that Keith Yandle fellow! More importantly, the world is about to realize how saintly Patrice Bergeron is when he is on "NHL 36." The cameras started following him on Tuesday and will continue.....for 36 the team travels and such.

This is the first game after the NHL holiday break and since the trade freeze has been lifted (the second part...not as exciting). The Bruins are having an almost as perfect December as they did November so hopefully they can close out the year with two road wins.

After the jump, stuff about Benoit Pouliot, Patrice Bergeron and more more more!

Bruins News:

  • Bergeron is going to be on "NHL 36!" It's as close to "24/7" as we can get! [NBC Sports]
  • He says he doubts it will be entertaining. "It's probably going to be a show about 6 hours of me doing something and 30 hours of me sleeping....It's going to be a lot of sleeping and I like my sleep." [NESN]
  • After scoring a filthy goal spending more and more time as a Bruin, Pouliot finally feels "comfortable" and established in the lineup. [Taunton Daily Gazette]
  • The Christmas break is over and even the team admits its been long but they appreciate it. [Boston Herald]
  • Prospect Ryan Spooner had to miss Team Canada selection camp because he has mono but he's getting better and will soon get back to being awesome. [Kingston Whig Standard]
Hockey News:
  • Speaking of junior hockey, catch up on World Juniors! [Vancouver Sun]
  • Also, it's going to bring in a TONNNN of money for Alberta. [Globe and Mail]
  • The best hockey photos of the year are right here and they capture some interesting stuff. [National Post]
  • The Toronto Maple Leafs are embracing mediocrity. [Toronto Star]
  • Wanna be fancy and a hockey fan? No worries! The NHL is teaming up with Vineyard Vines! [Connecticut Post]
  • I read this NPR article about fighting in hockey in my grandfather's voice. [NPR]
  • Andrew Raycroft is on waivers. [Dallas-Fort Worth News]
  • Ryan Nugent-Hopkins is great. [ESPN]
  • Someone threw a dead duck on the ice in San Jose. Gross. [Orange County Register]
  • Last but not least, four-time Stanley Cup Champion (and uncle to Ron Wilson) Johnny Wilson passed away. [Sportsnet]