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A Typical Bruin Day: Patrice Bergeron

As you all know, Patrice Bergeron is going on "NHL 36" where we will get to see how he leads his life as a perfect human being. Inspired by a post on HF Boards, we thought we'd enlighten you with how different likely spend their days. Leading up to Bergeron's camera debut a couple players or maybe the whole team will be featured with what they do on an off the ice.

Who better to start it off than the star of the show himself, Patrice Bergeron.

Bergeron's day, Wednesday December 28th

5:45 - Wakes up to no alarm so he doesn't have to wake up his roommate.
5:50 - Showers and gets ready in the dark, again, so not to disturb his roommate. Still looks perfect after dressing in the dark.
6:00 - Heads down to team's hotel kitchen to assist in cooking his team's breakfast as well as that of other hotel guests.
8:55 - Pays bill for every guest eating the food he helped prepare.
9:00 - Goes to personally wake up Tyler Seguin. Helps him shower and get dressed.
9:15 - Team breakfast and meeting. Takes notes.
10:00 - Calls Mark Recchi to remind him how much he loves and misses him.
10:30 - Arrives at rink for morning skate. High-fives every single person he encounters.
12:00 - Goes to Coyotes team store to buy memento for Recchi so he can feel like he was there too.
12:15 - Calls girlfriend just to say he loves her -- in French.
3:30 - Wakes up from lengthy nap. Dreamt of buying new equipment for old QMJHL team.
3:45 - Orders a gourmet cupcake from a local bakery for every member of the Bruins franchise on the road trip.
5:00 - Helps equipment guys fill water bottles at rink.
5:15 - Puts an encouraging quote in the stall of every team mate.
5:30 - Wishes good luck to members of the Coyotes.
7:00 - Puck drop: plays defensively more than offensively, tricks viewers into thinking he's injured but heals self magically, doesn't break his sticks.
9:30 - Doesn't even need to adjust hair before interviews
11:00 - Reads Tyler Seguin a bed time story.
11:15 - Kisses gold medal and bed time.