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Typical Bruin Day: Milan Lucic

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So now that everyone has gotten to read about what Patrice Bergeron does on a typical game day on the road, we figured we'd give a peek into what Milan Lucic does on a typical day. More specifically, the day they traveled to Phoenix.

Lucic's day, December 27th 2011 (Day before Coyotes game)

7:00 - Wakes up at exact same time as Nathan Horton. Greets Horton for the day over the phone which has been on a call all night because they call each other when they go to bed so it's like they're together.
7:15 - Goes to ring bell towers.
7:30 - Shines all of his girlfriend's sparkly high heels.
8:00 - Takes cab to airport for Bruins chartered flight. When asked to pay, screams at driver, "Do you know who I am!?!" and refuses to pay. Cab driver is relieved he is not Patrick Kane.
8:15 - Greets Cam Neely at the front of the plane; bows down.
8:30 - Takes a seat next to Horton. The two share a blanket and watch "Mona Lisa Smile" at Horton's request.
1:00 - Team lunch and meeting at the hotel. Demands to sit at front of the table. When questioned, asks entire team if they know who he is.
2:30 - On ice practice: accompanies everything he does with an awkward face per usual.
4:00 - Texts Horton: ":)"
4:15 - Gets bored in room and hacks girlfriend's Twitter account. Posts mean responses to fans and deletes any picture she has ever posted of their dog.
4:30 - Krejci knocks on his door and asks if he wants to go out to dinner. Ignores him.
4:40 - Horton knocks on door and asks if he wants to go out to dinner with him and Krejci. Agrees but only if he can sit next to him.
6:00 - Restaurant has NHL Network on and Ryan Miller is featured. Knocks over TV because he thinks it's really Miller.
6:05 - Doesn't offer to replace TV. Asks restaurant if they know who he is.
8:00 - Builds fort of blankets and pillows with Horton in hotel room. Doesn't let Krejci in.
9:00 - Posts link of his fight against him on Mike Komisarek's Facebook.
9:30 - Polishes Memorial Cup and Stanley Cup Champion rings.
10:00 - Early to bed for gameday the next day.