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Friday Night Fights: Adam McQuaid vs. Raffi Torres

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Tale of the Tape:

Adam McQuaid: 6'4" 197 lbs 21 career fighting majors

Raffi Torres: 6'"0 208 lbs 24 career fighting majors

This fight may only be a few days old, but most of the league if not even his own teammates dislike Raffi Torres. It could have been anyone's grill that Adam McQuaid was rearranging, but the cherry on top was Torres taking the beaten. In McQuaid's short career for the most part he gets the better of his opponent. This fight may have been the most lopsided of his career as of yet.

The origin of the fight begins when Torres takes a run at Andrew Ference head with an elbow. McQuaid takes exception to that and decides its time to cut up his knuckles on somebody's face a bit. The two tie up as Torres gets in the first couple shots, but his edge in the fight is gone instantly when McQuaid begins dropping bombs. McQuaid begins connecting with right after right, throwing Torres around as if he is half his size. McQuaid is landing punches with absolute rage when connects with a couple of uppercuts that split open the top of Torres' left eye. The fight end with McQuaid earning the unanimous victory. While Torres took a cheap at Ference, the two fighters had a little history going back to last years Stanley Cup Finals so McQuaid may have been chomping at the bit for his opportunity to ruin Torres' night.

Adam McQuaid vs Raffi Torres Dec 28, 2011 (via hockeyfightsdotcom)