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Typical Bruin Day: Tyler Seguin

Friday was a travel day for the Boston Bruins as they went to Dallas. No practice meant a lot of free time for the boys to hang out in "the Big D" and bond. So let's take a peek into how sophomore player Tyler Seguin spent his day.

7:00 - Play by play of Seguin's first NHL goal goes off as his alarm. Hits snooze.
7:40 - Decides to finally get up after hitting snooze four times. Texts Brad Marchand to ask if there is anything good at the team breakfast and if it is worth going to.
7:45 - Finishes up responding to 14 text messages, nine BBMs and accepts all 22 friend requests on Facebook.
7:50 - Styles chin-strap into perfect shape for the day. Gets dressed.
8:00 - Arrives last to team breakfast and meeting. Picks out marshmallows from Lucky Charms cereal and eats only that.
10:00 to noon - Facebook.
Noon - Packs autographed memorabilia of himself as carry-on in case he runs into admiring fans he can give it to.
12:15 - Spends entire flight playing Call of Duty with David Krejci and Steven Kampfer. Considers tweeting "Thank god for cod" but realizes Twitter is hacked. Does nothing about it.
2:00 - Holds hands with Marchand as plane lands.
3:00 - Helps Marchand wax his chest. Dallas is hot, the pair needs to be prepared to take off their shirts.
4:00 to 6:00 - Facebook.
6:00 - Dinner with Marchand and Kampfer. Begs one of them to buy him a beer. Both decline.
8:00 - Looks up girls on Facebook he thinks he ran into.
9:00 - Tries to get someone to watch the Justin Beiber movie with him but no one will.
9:15 - Calls mother in tears that no one on the team likes him.
9:20 - Watches movie alone anyway, sings along.
11:00 - Checks Facebook one last time.
11:05 - Bed time.