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Hitting the Links: Knucklepucks and Knuckleheads Weekend Edition

Well they didn't hit the six goal quota, but there's really not much else to complain about right now with the Bruins. The 4-1 win over Toronto, their fourth over the Leafs this season already, vaulted them into 2nd place in the Eastern Conference. They're three points back of the Penguins, who they will face in Pittsburgh in a big game Monday night, with three games in hand.

David Krejci was a force again last night, posting a goal and an assist. It's a good sign that he's producing again, especially after signing a big contract. Sometimes the pressure of a big contract can affect a player, but if anything it's making Krejci play better. Chris Kelly scored, again, giving him 10 goals on the year. That has him on pace for at least 30 (30!!) this season. He's going to demand a lot of money this offseason, and it looks like he's playing his way out of the Bs price range.

After the jump, Tuukka pulls a Goldberg, Jordin Tootoo runs Ryan Miller in his first game back, and Andrei Markov is out even longer with another surgery.

Bruins News

  • He's not shooting a knucklepuck, but after morning skates recently Tuukka Rask has shot a puck into an empty net for kicks and giggles, I guess. It seems to be a big hit. [WEEI]
  • A look at the Bruins' cap situation in the next few years. [WEEI]
  • It must be really tough as a coach to find faults with your team when they're unbeaten in regulation for 14 games, but Claude is trying! [Globe]
  • Tim Thomas is so good that sometimes his teammates don't even realize how amazing he actually is. [ESPN]
  • Some interesting numbers from the ESPN Stats Dept. on the Bruins' November streak. Sadly no follicle count on Timmy's stache. [ESPN]
  • Trent Whitfield is back in the lineup for the Baby B's after a concussion in October. [Projo]

NHL News

  • Controversy in Nashville last night, as Preds pest Jordin Tootoo took a run at Ryan Miller in his first game back from the Lucic incident. To me, this is much worse. Tootoo pretty much leaps right into Miller; it doesn't look like he's even trying to avoid him. Tootoo got a game misconduct and now Brendan Shanahan has a tough call. And only Lindy Ruff could sound so freakin' annoying in a situation where he probably has a decent point. Nice to see the Sabres respond well, though. [Puck Daddy]
  • Not sure why Puck Daddy decided to name their Top 5 goalies. They should've just done a 2-5 list instead and save everyone the trouble. [Puck Daddy]
  • Andrei Markov is having more surgery and will be out another few weeks, but who the hell really knows anymore. This really hurts the struggling Habs, who were looking forward to having him back very soon. I also need him on my fantasy team, and he's starting to really annoy me with the random surgeries. [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • Kris Versteeg does not approve of the lack of Shanaban for Canes defenseman Derek Joslin. [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • Carey Price with a sweet diving stick save off a crazy glass bounce. I know he's a Hab and kind of a douche but I can't help but like the guy. [NHL]
  • The Caps beat the Senators last night in OT for their first win under the Dale Hunter regime. [TSN]

So, three games for Tootoo? Does that sound about right? You can bet that whatever happens, there's going to be a lot of bitching because Lucic didn't get suspended. Shanahan really can't win either way.