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Hitting The Links: CROSBY CROSBY CROSBY Edition

Not gonna lie, it's Sunday night right now and I am only just getting to watch last night's Bruins game. 24 hour delay well worth it. Got to see David Perron's first goal on his first shot yesterday and i regret nothing. Did Joe Corvo really fight? Baller. Also my dad just sent me the Tim Thomas mastercard commercial in an email. Thanks, dad.

So hey! The Bruins play the Pittsburgh Sidney Crosbys Penguins today. Joy. That means this game can't be preempted by anyone, which is nice I guess. Apparently Evgeni Malkin recently said that Crosby is "only at 95% which makes him a doctor now? I don't know. Nonsense. Anyways....

After the jump, realignment stupidity, a sweet highlight video from my neck of the woods that APPARENTLY got overlooked in today's links, Tyler Seguin is awesome, and so is Brian Burke...

Bruins News

  • Peter Chiarelli's work is most definitely not done yet, though re-signing David Krejci was a good start. [The Hockey Writers]
  • The top Bruins prospects in the OHL are doing pretty darn well this season! [Hockey's Future]
  • Local pro and former Bruin Carl Corazzini is now the Weston hockey coach! pretty cool. [Globe]
  • Zdeno Chara says that all his points are just a nice bonus, and that he's here to play defense, not score. Oh, Z. [Globe]
  • Here's a video of Chara's charitable work being recognized at a Children's Hospital event the other day. [NESN]
  • Chris Kelly is ready for a new contract. But will it be with the Bruins? [Herald]
  • This article is titled "Kessel's Kryptonite." feel free to begin laughing at will. [Sportsnet]

NHL News

  • The biggest leaguewide issue these days is how to realign the league to accomodate Winnipeg. Dammit, Winnipeg. [Yahoo]
  • This is a fantastic article about Brian Burke: his anti-bullying stance, his son, and his almost-fight with Kevin Lowe in a barn. Badass. [The Score]
  • Few days old, but check this out -- an obscure rule let the Wild sign a random beer league goalie for 24 hours to back up when Niklas Backstrom was out for personal reasons. [WSJ]
  • The best and worst of Movember! [CBC]
  • Who is the NHL's sophomore of the year? Hint: he's a Bruin. [Yahoo]
  • David Perron scores his first goal on his first shot after missing 97 games. It took less than 6:30 of the game for him to do it. Stellar. [SBNation]