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Hitting The Links: Party Like It's 1995 Edition

On this team, when something breaks, even Claude pitches in. He's like the team dad or something.
On this team, when something breaks, even Claude pitches in. He's like the team dad or something.

Quick turnaround for the Black and Gold tonight as the Bruins head to Winter Winnipeg to take on the Jets tonight. Jack and Brick made oodles of jokes about Winnipeg being really cold last night, and it was fantastic. Also last night? Realignment. Bruins domination. Making the conference-leading Penguins look like chickens with their heads cut off. While the Bruins converted on a power play, the Penguins repeatedly ran into each other (see: Kunitz on Crosby) and couldn't convert on two lengthy 5-on-3s.

This Bruins team withstood the test. They're the real deal. 29 points in 15 games. Awesome. 1.78 5/5 f/a ratio.

After the jump, more on realignment, Zdeno Chara is the most interesting man in the world, an on-ice wedding during a teddy bear toss, and a prospect plays for amurrica...

Bruins News:

  • The Bruins head (really really far) north to take on the Jets for the first time in Winnipeg since 1995 tonight. [Sun]
  • Tim Thomas and the Bruins really did make the Penguins look silly. [Guardian]
  • Brad Marchand was at Real Deal Deli in West Roxbury to sign autographs recently. [Patch]
  • Tyler Seguin's fast track to stardom had a few bumps, but the kid has arrived. [ESPN]
  • There is much more to Zdeno Chara than hockey. Did you know he is a certified financial planner? [CBC]
  • Just some more postgame stuff from the BG. [Globe]

NHL News:

  • Wooo realignment. Here is the official NHL statement on the matter. [NHL]
  • Get your sparkly eagle gifs ready, the USA World Juniors camp roster was announced yesterday. A bb Bruin, Brian Ferlin, is on the roster. USA! USA! [United States of Hockey]
  • In case you missed it in the fanshots yesterday, here is how the NHL SHOULD have decided new divisions: with the harry potter sorting hat! [What the hell is icing]
  • A couple got married during the Portland Winterhawks teddy bear toss this weekend. Aww. [Buzzing the Net]
  • Down Goes Brown with a great quiz: should YOU fire your coach? [Down Goes Brown]
  • The Sabres will either whine or gloat righteously today. Man. I hope Tootoo doesn't get suspended. [Buffalo News]
  • The New York Times did a great three-piece article on Derek Boogaard, who, scarily, was suffering from a condition that preempts Alzheimers, and his was far worse than Bob Probert's, despite being 13 years younger than Probert. [NYT]