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Stat of the Week

With the Bruins streak of taking points in a game sadly coming to an end, it's no surprise that the team is faring very well in the goal differential category. The Bruins +35 is better than any two Eastern Conference teams combined (Pittsburgh, Rangers +33), the rest of the Northeast Division as a whole is -9 on the season (if you want to look ahead the soon to be Orr division is -19.)

The top 4 players in the league in plus/minus are all Bruins (Zdeno Chara/Tyler Seguin (+19), Chris Kelly (+16), and Brad Marchand (+15). Patrice Bergeron trails that group by just 1 at +14, and Johnny Boychuk is just 1 more behind that at +13.

No regular Bruins defenseman is lower than +4.

No Bruins skater getting more than 10 minutes of ice time a night is a minus at all. (Shawn Thornton is the low man on the team at -1, but he only sees 8:28 of ice time a night).

The Bruins have gotten game winning goals from 8 different players. You might have expected that Tyler Seguin would be one of the leaders (3 GWG), but I'm guessing most didn't expect Chris Kelly (3) and Benoit Pouliot (3) to be tied with him there. Pouliot in particular, while not scoring a ton of goals, has a tremendous GWG to Goal ratio working, and his clutch factor goes up when you consider his SO winner against Buffalo as well.