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Hitting The Links: Don't Call It A Losing Streak Edition


Shawn Thornton was questioned about the Bruins losing two games in a row last night and how he felt about being on a losing streak. His response? "A streak is three, so." Fantastic! There's no losing streak here.

Shawn Thornton's word is law. Don't call it a losing streak until they lose to Columbus tomorrow, which hopefully won't happen.

After the jump, Andy Sutton doesn't get away with being a jerk, Mark Messier will play in the winter classic, and Paul Bissonnette is in the holiday spirit...

Bruins News:

  • Bleh, a 2-0 loss. Lame. Jose Theodore looked great. [Yahoo]
  • Linking this because we can laugh at how stupid it is: "Are the Bruins reverting to October form?" It's been TWO GAMES. Two VERY CLOSE games. Calm yourselves. [ESPN]
  • Dougie Hamilton signed yesterday! [Globe]
  • Krys Barch's hit on Daniel Paille was questionable, but at least he answered the bell against Shawn Thornton. [NESN]
  • Tim Thomas was in rare form last night -- he made a mistake. [Globe]
  • Here is the article with that Shawn Thornton quote. [NESN]

NHL News:

  • Oh hey, someone bought the Leafs. And the Raptors. Wait, it's...BELL? Habs conspiracy!! [The Star]
  • Artem Anisimov, oh man, what a goal celebration, pointing his stick like a rifle. AWESOME. Some people do not agree with the awesome, but there you go. [NBC NY]
  • The Habs were up 3-0 on the Canucks last night and they LOST. Hahahaha. [Sun]
  • Paul Bissonnette used money from his t-shirt company to take 100 homeless people to a hockey game. [Tuscon Citizen]
  • Andy Sutton: Suspended indefinitely. [Journal]
  • Mark Messier will be playing in the Flyers-Rangers Winter Classic Alumni game. Cool. [NY Daily News]