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NHL Trade Deadline 2011: TSN Reports Kaberle to Boston is Close

TSN's Darren Dreger is reporting that a Tomas Kaberle to Boston trade is close.  A deal is not expected today, but Dreger reports that the Bruins are working on putting the final pieces of the puzzle into place.  He adds that the Bruins are believed to be working on a secondary trade to create some cap space, and that Blake Wheeler has been mentioned.

Of course, the deal isn't done yet, and it's certainly not the first time that Kaberle has been near a deal to Boston, but it sounds like the next couple days will be busy ones for Peter Chiarelli.  We'll have more on this if/when it comes to fruition.


Joe Haggerty adds that the deal with Toronto is likely to be Blake Wheeler and a draft pick for Kaberle, and that in a separate deal, the Bruins are talking about sending Mark Stuart to Chicago for a draft pick.  The Stuart deal would be strictly for cap relief.