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Why are the Bruins giving Shane Hnidy a tryout?

Now that the Bruins have their puck-mover in Tomas Kaberle, apparently they need a guy that can turn the puck over. For some unknown reason, the Bruins have offered former Bruins defenseman Shane Hnidy a tryout. The 35-year-old blue liner, who has been out of pro hockey this season, is skating with the Bruins in Vancouver in hopes of landing a spot on the roster.

I hope that the Bruins do not make the mistake of bringing Shane Hnidy back to Boston. Aside from the occasional fight, Hnidy contributed very little in his year and a half with the Black & Gold and was one of the Bruins' most frustrating players to watch. I can only imagine what a year of rust has done to his mediocre game. There are plenty of young defenseman in Providence that can eat popcorn from the 9th floor. I do not see the benefit of bringing in a guy like Shane Hnidy.