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Pierre LeBrun: Savard "having real memory problems" hockey scribe Pierre LeBrun is reporting that Marc Savard is experiencing issues with his memory as a result of the series of concussions the Bruins center has suffered. In LeBrun's Weekend Wrap piece from yesterday, he wrote "A source told Saturday that the concussed Bruins center is having 'real memory problems and he's quite worried about it.' ".

LeBrun believes that Savard's future in the NHL is doubt at this point, saying "Just another reminder how serious the concussion issue is around the NHL. Savard's career is in serious doubt and that's just not right".

In the same article, LeBrun also called out Mark Recchi for his comments on 98.5 FM The Sports Hub last week that questioned the severity of Montreal Canadien's forward Max Pacioretty's concussion following a hit into the stanchion between the benches by Zdeno Chara. LeBrun's stance is that Recchi's comments "crossed the line" and he "got off the hook pretty lightly" for them.