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Boucher tips hand & announces Roloson as Game 6 starter

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Tampa Bay Lightning head coach Guy Boucher announced today that he will give Dwayne Roloson the start in goal in Game 6 after going with Mike Smith in Game 5:

"He [Roloson] was the guy that took us here, and that’s how I felt before last game, but like I said, I felt like it was time to give him a little breather. And at the same time I felt that Smitty played really well. So it’s a perfect situation to put Smitty in. If something were to go wrong in the previous game, put a new goaltender in for a do-or-die, I don’t think it would have been a good moment for anybody."

Guy Boucher on Tuesday via Mike Petraglia of WEEI's Big Bad Blog

While most hockey fans probably could have guessed that the Lightning would go back to Rolie The Goalie for Game 6, I am confused why Boucher (or any coach) would not keep his decision under-wraps until game day. The Bolts choice of goaltender does not really change the Bruins' game plan, but the B's now know a day earlier what to expect between the pipes.

Maybe I am just used to Claude Julien, who guards starting goalie information like he was protecting the nuclear football. I can't remember one single instance where Claude has named a starting goalie a day in advance. Usually you have spectulate based on the first goalie off the ice at the morning skate and as we learned earlier this year, that is not always foolproof.

Somehow, I don't think Claude needs to announce his starter for Game 6...