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Video: Nathan Horton squirts Tampa Bay fan with water bottle

Moments after the final buzzer had sounded to end Game 6 at St. Pete Times and hundreds of plastic noisemakers rained down on members of the Boston Bruins, a heated Nathan Horton reacted to a heckling Tampa Bay Lightning fan by squirting him with a water bottle and throwing the bottle as he headed off the ice to the dressing room. You have probably all seen the video by now, but in case you haven't here is the video of Nathan Horton spraying the fan with a water bottle: (skip to about the 1:30 mark to see it unfold)

I guess this fan didn't read my Fan's Guide to Heckling. The fan, who identified himself only as "Steve", spoke to ESPN 1040 AM in Tampa Bay today about "the attack" and urged the league to punish Nathan Horton. Sorry, "Steve". It doesn't look like the NHL is going to punish Horton at all. Next time, remember Rule #1 (Know Your Target).