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Bruins all towing company line: "This is a new year"

Almost every member of the Boston Bruins organization was asked in one from or another about last year's collapse after going up 3-0 in a series to the Philadelphia Flyers and being in the same situation again against the Flyers this year. The response was more or less the same: "This is a new year".

"Well first of all, we have about half the guys weren’t here last year. It’s a deeper, we have bigger depth in our lineup, and we felt good in the first round. So hopefully that’s going to help us in the second round, too."

David Krejci

"It’s a different year.  It’s totally different."

Tim Thomas

"I mean it’s different. I think we all feel pretty good about our game right now and confident. So the main thing for us is not to get too high and stay focused."

Daniel Paille

"We’re trying to keep that out of our mind. It’s a brand new year. We have a new team here. Half the team is, brought new guys. It’s a new season, so we’re not worried about that at all, we’re writing our own new chapter."

Brad Marchand

"I answered that question the first day, and you guys promised me I wouldn’t have to answer it again."

Shawn Thornton

"We don’t really think about last year. We think about this year and the one thing that’s important for us is one game at a time and we’ve really focused that way."

Claude Julien

"Well as I said you got to move on in life. And we’ve moved on as far as this is a different group. This is obviously a different feeling. This is a group that feels like it has to continue playing the way it has been. And we’re a determined group right now. We’re certainly not sitting comfortable by any means. We never have whether it was the last round or whatever."

Claude Julien