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Game 5 Pre-Game Links

NHL tells the B's to lose the B's on their hats during media availabilities [98.5 The Sports Hub]

The Boston Bruins Foundation is raffling off tickets to Game 6 [NHL Alumni Raffles]

Stephen Walkom and Dan O'Rourke are working tonight's game. This is the same crew that worked Game 1 and Game 3 [NESN]

Meet Johnny Canuck []

Some out of touch blowhard that writes for GQ thinks that everyone hates the Bruins. Maybe "Jonah Keri" is just Sean Avery's pen name. [GQ]

The Bruins opted not to hold a morning skate today. []

More bitching from Canucks fans about how dirty the Bruins are. This one even has a dated Bill Buckner reference and Iron Maiden videos! I always thought that Canada was 10 years behind us, but apparently they are trapped in 1986. [Nucks Misconduct]