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Brad Marchand Drinks Things And Makes Friends At Foxwoods

Everyone already knows that the Bruins ran up a $150k-plus bar tab at Foxwoods on Saturday night, anchored by a $100,000 bottle of Ace of Spades Midas champagne. According to Daily Mail, it didn't take the entire team to run up said tab, but just six of the Stanley Cup Champions. 

Everybody knows that. What everybody doesn't know is just what a socialite Brad Marchand is becoming in New England:



That's not Andre or Arbor Mist, for sure. And it doesn't look like anything I'd drink (give me a Yuengling or a Blue Moon or anything craft-made, anyday), but if drinking that means I'll wind up like this:



then maybe I should take a few lessons from the rookie, after all. 

The final tab amounted to $156,679.74. Which is helpful, but still doesn't answer the question we've all been pondering for days now: just how much Natty Ice can one buy with $821,667?