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Bruins' Shawn Thornton Tells 985 He Has No Idea Who Drank What, So It's Time To Play Clue

Boston Bruins forward and two-time Stanley Cup champion Shawn Thornton told Felger and Mazz this afternoon that he wasn't sure who drank what when the Bruins went to town at Foxwoods on Saturday night. 

While the tab itself was difficult to read, our friends over at Sixteen Wins broke it down for us in a much more eye- and user-friendly format, which can be seen below:



It's a pretty impressive graphic, but what's more impressive is that someone in the Bruins' party actually ordered (and, we're assuming, drank) Heineken and Amstel Lights. 

We assume, from the pictures posted last night, that Brad Marchand was too busy imbibing champagne - or pouring it all over people, at least - to be the culprit, And Tyler Seguin was too busy being one-half-to-two-thirds naked and obeying the law to drink anything at all. Zdeno Chara couldn't possibly be a beer drinker, I imagine, and Mark Recchi almost assuredly stuck to champagne, since - according the to graphic, anyway - there wasn't any red wine ordered. 

Now, we know that there were only six Bruins at the event. With Thornton and Milan Lucic accounted for, that leaves everyone else on the roster out of the question. 

It begs the question: of the innumerable beverages purchased, who drank what, and how much?

(hint: whoever guesses Marchand drank everything, and a lot of it, wins)