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Making Like The Habs And Hitting The Links

In case you miss any of the morning links, check the "Hitting the Links" section over on the left-hand navigation. 

EA released their cover for NHL 12 last night at the NHL awards, and thankfully, it's not Tim Thomas[Pasta Padre]

The NHL handed out their 2011 Awards at the Palms In Las Vegas last night [NHL]

The newest online trend in hockey involves Steven Stamkos and P.K. Subban as Canadiens teammates and the Staal brothers doing their best Hanson impression [NHL Players as Kids]


If Peter Chiarelli's still looking for a puck-mover, Joni Pitkanen might well be available. []


The Stars are preparing to host a Winter Classic game. Well, maybe. [The Dallas Morning News]


Assuming they're going there, the Rags will be looking for a Winter Classic jersey. []


Why your team didn't win the Stanley Cu- oh, wait. [The Sports Caddy]

The Maple Leafs introduced their new coaches, and they have a surprisingly American feel [Maple Leafs Hot Stove]


Tony Marinaro said something about Andrei Markov. Like many things he says, it's probably entirely wrong and hardly based in fact, but if it's right... [Twitter]


The Bruins may have their eye on yet another BU kid, according to Kirk Luedeke [Bruins 2011 Draft Watch]


NHL cracking down on boarding, headshots with new rule changes [Puck Daddy]


For the Flyers, a legitimate shot at the Stanley Cup is worth $7 million annually. No idea what Bryzgalov himself is valued at, though, according to Puck Daddy [Puck Daddy]


The Predators released their new logos for 2011-12, and granted access to them only to credentialed bloggers [On the Forecheck]


Our good friend Eric over at Broad Street Hockey explains to hockey fans everywhere what they already know. If they didn't know, they aren't hockey fans. [Broad Street Hockey]


With the 2010-11 NHL season all wrapped up, Down Goes Brown offers exclusive, insider information on all 30 team plans for the offseason. [Down Goes Brown]

The final Bobby Mack-endorsed Draft Rankings are out [TSN]


10 names you should know after the first round ends  [Buzzing The Net]

With the NBA and NFL toiling in labor hell, Spector looks ahead to the next round of NHL labor talks [Spector's Blog]

Bruce Arthur is about to welcome a beautiful baby girl or boy into the world. Which makes me sad, because I enjoy reading his stuff more than probably anybody else's who covers hockey. In a "Classic Peanuts"-type plug, here's his reaction to the trouble in Vancouver a week ago tonight. [National Post]

The cover-boy and the Bolts are close to a new deal [PHT]

A heaping pile of Julien quotes from the Hockey Journal [NEHJ]

Ty Anderson says "thank you" to Montreal (because the rest of us certainly aren't about to). [HockeyBuzz]

Oilers hoping to use second pick to beef up [EJ]