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Bruins Offer Kaberle Rights

According to Darren Dreger at TSN, the Bruins have emailed the rest of the league regarding a potential trade for the negotiating rights to Tomas Kaberle prior to the July 1st UFA deadline. This would seem to signal a parting of ways between the team and their biggest deadline acquisition in years. But could it also foreshadow the defending Stanley Cup Champions thoughts on the coming Free Agency period?

Aside from Brad Richards, there doesn't seem to be a single no doubt impact player entering Free Agency. There are several good, but not great players (Christian Ehrhoff, Simon Gagne, James Wisniewski) hitting the market combined with several big market teams who view themselves as contenders (or one player away from contention), as well several small market teams who need to spend money to hit the cap floor. This would appear to be the perfect storm of contracts teams will regret as early as this year's trading deadline.

If the Bruins were unable to come to terms with two players in Kaberle and Michael Ryder, that they are comfortable with and who would appear to be good candidates for at least small discounts, then you wonder whether they'll have the stomach for bidding wars with teams who aren't coming off a Stanley Cup win. There is also the feeling that the Bruins are moving towards become a player development type of organization, similar to how the Red Wings or even the Red Sox are run. None of their returning top eight forwards were acquired via free agency. On defense, only Zdeno Chara was signed away from another team. While people may initially dismiss players like Steven Kampfer, Matt Bartkowski, Jordan Caron, and Jamie Arniel as potential contributors on a cup winning roster, there weren't many who saw Brad Marchand, Johnny Boychuk, or Adam McQuaid in that capacity entering their rookie seasons as well.