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Hitting the links: Happy Free Agency day!

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Happy Canada day, everyone! ...oh, who am I kidding, no one cares about that nonsense. All your faces will be glued to the computer screen come noon to see where all the free agents end up. Don't expect the Bruins to do much, although it'll be pretty interesting to see the way other Northeast Division teams try to beef up this offseason.

Buffalo's already gotten that party started.

Bruins News:

  • There is literally nothing happening. The Bruins' site hasn't been updated since Wednesday. But here's a little confirmation of what we already know: Mark Recchi will retire, and Michael Ryder and Tomas Kaberle probably won't be back. Status quo. [Globe]
  • Really, when signing Brad Marchand is your only real priority after winning a cup, you know you've done it right. Ahem, Blackhawks. [NESN]

Around the NHL:

  • The Sabres gave Ehrhoff a 10-year deal. 10. Not one, not three, but 10. Cue sappiness and crying about "wanting to win a cup in Buffalo" or some nonsense. [Province]
  • Here is TSN's free agent tracker. Come noon, TSN will also have all sorts of other bells and whistles, including a free agency liveblog. [TSN]
  • Part II of that piece on what each NHL team needs in free agency next season: Western Conference. [SI]
  • There's some nonsense going on with Steven Stamkos and the Flyers. [Lightning Insider]
  • If you're not following @tsnbobmackenzie, @darrendreger, and @realespnlebrun on're doing it wrong, especially today. [Twitter]

Non-hockey link of the day:

  • This guy made his grandfather, whom he is teaching to use the internet, a twitter and told him it was how you google search things. Now you, too, can chuckle at the things an 81-year-old seeks to know from his newfangled computer machine. [Old Man Search]

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