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Free Agency Open Thread: Where Steven Stamkos Doesn't Actually Come To Boston

Even though the Bruins aren't posed to make a lot of moves when free agency begins at noon on Friday, it's been a while week since we've had an open thread. So here goes.

A couple things to get you started:

The Blue Jackets just paid James Wisniewski $30 million over six years. 

The Sabres just paid Christian Ehrhoff $40 million over ten years. 

The Panthers are *this close* to paying Kaberle $50 million over eight years. 

Also, Haggerty wrote this morning that the Bruins should chase after Stamkos. While I agree that Stamkos > Ryder + Recchi, well, I have nothing to do but shake my head at this. 



Also, feel free to respond to the fan confidence poll. If you submit anything less than 100% confidence, we'll have a shuttle waiting outside your door to take you back to Montreal within 15 minutes.