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Hitting The Links: Case Of The Mondays Edition

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Chirp chirp, Spooner.
Chirp chirp, Spooner.

Happy Monday everyone! It's the final day of Bruins development camp; after today it's the long haul to main camp in September. Is anyone actually ready for the offseason to actually start? It's July 11. It's been non-stop for nearly 10 months now, starting with 2010 Main Camp way back last September, barring a week between the draft and this camp this year.

I wish it'd never end; but I am looking forward to getting a little more sleep for the next month and a half. Sort of.

Links after the jump, as usual!

Bruins news:

"Get the duck boats ready!" Dave Goucher, Bruins' radio play-by-play guy launched into the spotlight with that fantastic call of game 7, recalls his humble beginnings in - oddly - Wheeling, West Virginia. [News-Register]

Lars Volden has jet lag. Awww. He's also the only Norwegian to go in the draft - which he wasn't expecting. [Bruins]

Local kid Josh Hennessy is pretty pumped to be a Bruin. [Herald-News]

The Cup came to Tewksbury, in what was supposed to be a surprise visit - and then 3,000 people turned out to see it. [Eagle Tribune]

The Cup makes stops in Newburyport and Lake Placid this week. [USA Today]

The Bruins' gallery of the new kids paintballing is pretty great. The video is good for a chuckle, too. [Bruins]

Yeah, yeah, i know, it's HFBoards. But my dad sent me this link of a thread collecting all the cool videos from the Stanley Cup run. Go forth and right-click-save. [HFBoards]

If you're on twitter and you're not following our should be. @buttsy78, @jknight97, @ztrotman4, and @jjooris19 have all been tweeting away this week. Shockingly, they're a lot brighter than most hockey kids on teh tweets.  [twitter]

This dude has a Bruins-themed HOUSE. Now THAT is dedication. [Sportress of Blogitude]

NHL News:

Fluto tackles the Brad Richards contract, as well as some other various and sundry NHL issues. [Globe]

Here's a sweet column about the growth of ball hockey in California. Draftees like Emerson Etem in the last couple years got their start playing this sport. It's pretty cool. [LA Times]

Hockey Prospectus ranks NHL organizations by prospect strength. Spoiler alert: Boston is #7. [Hockey Prospectus]

Stevie Y says the Lightning are done, the roster is set. Um.....Steven Stamkos? [Tampa Bay Online]

The Kings are taking their time signing Drew Doughty. Smart move in this crazy market. [LA Times]

The Commodore 64 movement is moving forward. Yessss. /nerd [Puck Daddy]

Non-hockey link of the day:

The Space Shuttle program is officially dead. As a kid who grew up hearing about the trials and tribulations of the program (I was born 10 days before the Challenger exploded), and who wanted to be an astronaut regardless, this breaks my heart.