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Hitting The Links: The Long Haul Begins

I will never get tired of using victory parade photos in posts.
I will never get tired of using victory parade photos in posts.

So finally the Bruins are on par with the rest of the NHL again in that....the offseason is here. No more hockey until main camp starts in September. Claude Julien yesterday seemed almost relieved to be heading to his summer house after development camp ended; "the off season never really began," he added when asked what he'd been doing since the Bruins won the Cup.


The Bruins links around here are probably about to start drying up really fast but we'll do what we can to keep you guys entertained. And hey, there's always the ongoing College Hockey Super Conference debate to keep us entertained, right?

Bruins News:


  • According to Peter Chiarelli, not much has been done in the way of progressing towards a new contract for Brad Marchand, but no one seems too worried at this moment. He's got time. [WEEI]
  • The Stanley Cup is expected to make an appearance in Providence this September, possibly in coordination with the Bruins Black and Gold game. [Projo]
  • Bruins wrap up their development camp like any good hockey players would - on the golf green. [Bruins]
  • General David Petraeus is a Bruins fan. On top of that, the troops in one particular area - Canadian and American - had a ball watching the Cup finals this year. [TSN]
  • Development camp is ooooover. Here's some final tidbits from Fluto. [Globe]

NHL News:

  • Byron Dafoe's old slap-fight partner Olie Kolzig is back in DC, this time as goalie coach. [NHL]
  • Surprise - the Winnipeg Jets are too busy to have a prospects camp this year. Wouldn't this arguably be the best year for them TO have one, since Winnipeg fans probably aren't too familiar with former Thrashers' prospects?  [Free Press]
  • takes a look at some of the most exciting players in NHL history. [NHL]
  • The NHL, whose CBA expires after next season, is taking the current NFL and NBA bargaining/lockout shenanigans to heart. [PHT]
  • Dany Heatley and Devin Setoguchi are already making splashes in the Twin Cities. [Star-Tribune]
  • Not really NHL news per se but Boston College and Boston University want nothing to do with the new "Super Conference" in College Hockey. They're sticking to Hockey East. As a BU alum, I am 100% happy with this. [BC Interruption]

Non-hockey link of the day:

  • There are 20-foot-long crocodiles in Australia. Note to self: never go to this part of Australia. [NTnews]