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Hitting the Links: Noon Edition

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Sometimes in the summer when you have days off, you sleep late. That's why today's links post is at noon. Summer is awesome.

Bruins news:

Brad Marchand will be getting drunk again until on August 29, you can pretty much guarantee it. Why? That's when his day with the cup back home in Nova Scotia will be there. Odds of Andrew Bodnarchuk being there, and whether or not either of them will have a contract by then? [Chronicle Herald]

Dougie Hamilton has met Zdeno Chara twice now. It's good to be a first-round pick. [WEEI]

The Cup went to Lake Placid yesterday. It's on it's way back to Boston today. [YNN]

Chiarelli discusses the importance of development camp. [Bruins]

Ryan Spooner's girlfriend is also a hockey player! Instead of shooting on a younger sibling, Spooner can shoot pucks at his lady, who is aiming to play at an Ivy League school this year. [Citizen]

How do we know it's summer? People are discussing trading Tim Thomas. Dear lord, is it October yet? [Score]


NHL news:

The St. Louis Blues will probably be sold soon. Whew. [STL Today]

Realignment has been a popular topic this offseason. After playing a season in the Southeast, the Jets will likely move to the Central. How will this affect the Bruins? [Sun]

Cogliano to the Ducks. [Gazette]

Here is a preview of NHL '12. Lookin' good, EA Sports. [PHT]

Ilya Bryzgalov is up to the challenge in Philly. [USA Today]

Steve Mason's new mask is zombie-licious. [Puck Daddy]

This guy designed a Game of Thrones hockey jersey. My inner nerd, she likes this. There's a Lannister one, too. [Dave's Geeky Ideas]

Non-hockey link of the day:

You're all probably aware by now that I'm kind of a fan of Twitter. Well, so are the Boston Police. Their twitter account is renowned for being a great tool for people to interact quickly with the Metro area's police departments...even interactions like this one, in which we learn that the BPD's social media person has an excellent sense of humor. [Twitter].