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Hitting the Links: The News is Slowly Drying Up Edition

Three days after development camp and there's only marginally relevant news to report today. The Cup is hanging out at Geoff Ward's place today, and heads off on its European tour next Tuesday. Half the team is probably still drunk somewhere. It's Wednesday. Is anyone else actually using the offseason to be more productive at work? I tend to just stare dopily at my computer monitor trying to will next season to start already. Oops.

Bruins News:

Former Providence coach Rob Murray got himself a Alaska. He'll coach the Alaska Aces of the ECHL, a team with a significant fanbase who won the Kelly Cup last year. Oddly enough, the Bruins already had ties to the Aces, stashing a few prospects there, including goalie Adam Courchaine, who has worked with Murray before. [Daily News]

Tim Thomas won two ESPYs last night. Pretty sure that's like winning a Kids Choice Award after winning the Oscar, but...hey, whatever, Tim Thomas for all the awards, he'll take what he can get I guess. (Fun fact: Timmy wore the same suit for the ESPYs as he did for the NHL awards, complete with the same tie. Um, maybe it's time to expand the wardrobe now that you're a Stanley Cup Champ, champ?) [Globe]

The Bruins were going to give Tomas Kaberle a one or two year deal. He wanted longer. That's pretty much the whole story behind why he didn't re-sign. [NHL]

NHL News

Kristian Huselius broke himself again while rehabbing his hip after surgery in April. He's out 4-6 months. Guess who's back in the market for a top-6 winger? [Dispatch]

Nobody likes Kevin Bieksa - including Canucks fans, apparently. [Faceoff]

Here's a neat gallery of Jets jersey concepts. [Puck Drawn]

Ryan White signs with the Canadiens. Yay, another somewhat-undersized pain in the ass to deal with. [Gazette]

The Rangers are backburnering their rivalry with the Islanders to help support their campaign for a new arena. That's pretty cool. Some things are more important than helping your rival keep his home so the animosity can continue on into the future. [PHT]

The Predators' new home jerseys are siiiiick. Way to use yellow as your primary color, guys. And it's not dull mustard yellow, either - it's blindingly annoying bright yellow. I LOVE IT. Also the piano keys inside the collar are a neat touch. [On the Forecheck]

Shane O'Brien signed with the Avalanche. [Post]

Non-hockey link of the day:

The Oatmeal is awesome. I read these 'Bob Cats' comics at work the other day and got some seriously weird looks for giggling out loud. Whoops. [Oatmeal]